Images of “Street Beat” from Near West Theatre!

Enjoy a few photos from this year’s benefit for Near West Theatre, “Street Beat”!

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About Geoff I'm originally from Cleveland, Ohio and I've spent a lifetime immersed in the performing arts and have extensive theater marketing, performance and directing experience as well as presentation, public speaking and live event planning experience. I am primarily a singer, actor and director and have been in bands making music and involved in every aspect of theatre production since childhood and have been directing theatre productions for over 10 years. I have been steadily performing and directing here in South Florida since moving here in 2013. I produced the web-based theater documentary video series “Call-Back” & "STAGES: Stories from the BW Music Theater Program" ( Also passionate about graphic arts video production & digital animation. I am currently the Marketing Manager for Chauvet DJ (an entertainment lighting company) in Sunrise, Fla. and have developed CHAUVET DJ Academy ( as well as the Thursday Vids ( and Gig Lab ( video series for mobile entertainers around the world. View all posts by Geoff

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