‘Miss Saigon’ Auditions

Auditions for Ages 13 (entering high school) – 19

May 24, 25 & 26
(Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday)
7:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.

This is a group audition.  Come one of these evenings.
Plan to stay for the entire time specified. 

Audition Location: St. Patrick’s Club Building
West 38th St. & Bridge Ave. in Ohio City 

Arrive 15 minutes early to register
Anyone arriving after the starting time will not audition that day.

About the Show:

Music by Claude-Michel Schonberg     Lyrics by Richard Maltby Jr. and Alain Boublil     Adapted from the original French lyrics by Alain Boublil     Additional material by Richard Maltby Jr.     Orchestrations by William D. Brohn     Originally produced on the stage by Cameron Mackintosh     *This production licensed by Josef Weinberger Ltd. on behalf of Music Theatre International & Cameron Mackintosh Ltd.*

Miss Saigon, brings Puccini’s Madame Butterfly to post-millennium America in a moving testament to the resiliency of the human spirit.  In the final chaos of the Vietnam War, an American soldier and a Vietnamese girl fall in love, only to be separated during the fall of Saigon. This is an intimate story of love, war, loyalty, survival and a mother’s drive to give her child a future of promise.  Raw and uncompromising, Miss Saigon is an intense experience of the losses suffered and the sacrifices made in a fearful world using  violence to achieve peace.  Songs include:  “The Movie In My Mind”, “Sun & Moon” and “The Last Night of the World.”

About the Audition:

   Looking to build a large, racially & ethnically diverse cast of characters.  All roles are open.  No experience necessary.  No prepared material needed.  A relaxed, playful and friendly atmosphere.  Wear comfortable clothing & shoes for dancing so you can move easily.

Group audition process.  Actors are led through multiple improvisational exercises including acting, movement and singing.

Rehearsals begin Sunday, June 12, 2011

The show runs July 22-August 7, 2011


We will be flexible in casting around age and ethnicity.
ALL ROLES ARE OPEN FOR AGES 13 (entering high school)– 19.

Chris   (Tenor to G#, 20 -30s, Caucasian or African-American)
Disillusioned and conflicted marine. Strong conscience.

Kim  (Belt or strong mix to E, late teen – 20’s+, Asian)
A young, innocent orphaned Vietnamese woman. Determined,

John  (25-40+ Non-Asian. Tenor to Bb)
Chris’s superior officer and friend. Passionate and full of life.

An experienced bar-girl, crowned “Miss Saigon”

The Engineer (35 – 55, Tenor or strong Baritone to G)
Owns “Dreamland” an after-hours club in Saigon. Eurasian or other ethnic background. Charismatic, chameleon, operator, pimp.

Thuy  (20’s – 30’s+, Tenor to G#, Asian)
The man to whom Kim was betrothed by her parents. Militaristic. See things in black and white. Threatening.

Ellen  (20-30’s, Belt or strong mix to E, Caucasian or African American)
Chris’s dutiful wife.

Tam  (3 – 5 years old, Asian)
Kim’s very young son – may be played by a boy or girl


American GI’s of all types, pimps, bar girls of all races, refugees, tourists of all types, vendors


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