2 plays in a day? What a week!

It’s a rare week at Near West Theatre, with two shows in production. The 9- to 13-year-olds in our summer workshop, KLAMOR, will publicly share their original piece, Angels and Demons, on Thursday evening and Saturday and Sunday afternoons, while our summer youth theatre production of Hairspray, the Broadway Musical (ages 13 to 21), continues Friday and Saturday nights. They’re on different stages, but we’ve made sure they’re never performing at the same hour.

The Hairspray buzz is great after one sellout and one near-capacity crowd on opening weekend, and air conditioning that really worked. But do come support our 24 hard-working KLAMOR kids, too — many of them from our immediate neighborhood and all of them potential participants in future productions.

In fact, may we suggest an afternoon and evening of Near West Theatre fun on Saturday, July 28 — the one time in recent memory we’ve offered two plays in a day? Park free in the St. Patrick’s lot at West 38th Street and Bridge Avenue. Hit Angels and Demons at 3 p.m. at West Side United Church of Christ, 3800 Bridge.  Linger afterwards and congratulate our young actors and faculty. Then, before the 7:30 p.m. performance of Hairspray at our regular 3606 Bridge performance space, enjoy the sights of Ohio City or bop up to the Gordon Square Arts District, where our new theater will eventually be. Eat at one or more of the establishments that support us with a current playbill ad and thank them for it: Le Petit Triangle,  Luxe, Momocho, Sweet Moses, Happy Dog, Great Lakes Brewing Company and Flying Fig — or at one of several others that have supported us this season (see a list in this newsletter).

Tickets for both productions are available online or by calling 216-961-6391 between 11 a.m. and 4 p.m. weekdays.  Support Near West by trying our new Star Seatbenefits at $20; or enjoy general admission at $8 for adults, $6 for children 12 and under. Advance purchases are recommended, but any remaining tickets are sold at the door for each performance starting one hour before curtain time.

KLAMOR & West Side UCC, July 18, 2012

The KLAMOR cast and staff of Angels and Demons during a July 18 break near West Side United Church of Christ (seen in background), where the show will be performed July 26, 28 and 29. Photo by Hans Holznagel.


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4 responses to “2 plays in a day? What a week!

  • Valentin

    Can’t wait for the play! I know my daughter has enjoyed every minute of it!!!! Thank you NWT Staff!!!

    • nearwesttheatre

      You’re welcome, Mr. Valentin. Your daughter and all the “kids loud and musical” have shared much of themselves in this fun and hard-working six-week process. We, too, can’t wait to see them share a bit of what they’ve experienced!

      • danny

        Amazing! Exceptional! Words are hard to find…

        My daughters always been shy especially at school plays or events but tonight’s performance I am confident that Klamour staff is doing an incredible job! Kudos to all involved especially the kids!!!


      • nearwesttheatre

        Thanks, Danny. It *was* a great evening. The kids have invested so much of themselves in the project.

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