Auditions spark creation

Many thanks to the 84 children, teens and adults who brought the “spark of creation” to Children of Eden auditions Aug. 21, 22 and 23. “This will be a very physical show,” Director Bob Navis Jr. told the diverse audition participants each night. The exercises he put them through demonstrated what he meant. After significant time introducing themselves to each other, the actors were asked to improvise physically on a range of situations and intentions called out by Navis — some imaginary, some from the Children of Eden book by John Caird and the lyrics by Stephen Schwartz. Sometimes they worked on their own, traveling about a stage filled with others doing the same. At other moments they were asked to work together. At the teen-and-adult audition Aug. 23, the words and music to the opening number, “Let There Be,” unleashed 19 simultaneous danced interpretations of the creation of the world. The collective result was so free, alive and moving that Navis and his staff called for a break when it was done so that they and the actors could collect themselves.

Next steps in the process:

  • Those invited to call-back auditions for principal roles will be notified by phone no later than Aug. 24.
  • The ensemble will be announced sometime during the week of Aug. 27. Navis hopes to cast about 50 people. Those not cast will receive a letter thanking them for their audition and letting them know of backstage and front-of-house volunteer opportunities.
  • Rehearsals for those who are cast will begin Sunday, Sept. 23.
  • The show will be on stage Nov. 16 through Dec. 2, 2012. Tickets are available online or by phoning 216-961-6391 between 11 a.m. and 4 p.m. weekdays.
"Eden" audition stage, 8/21/12

Director Bob Navis Jr. (at top of circle) welcomes actors to the Aug. 21 adult audition for Children of Eden, surrounded by colorful remnants of the summer production of Hairspray, the Broadway Musical. Photo by Hans Holznagel


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