Storm over, show will go on

Wind, lightning, floods, and human calamities of biblical proportions are part of the story told in Children of Eden, opening Nov. 16 at Near West Theatre.  All of us working on the play experienced some of the real item last week as Superstorm Sandy distrupted rehearsals, not to mention other areas of our lives, two weeks before tech week.  We missed 12 hours of staging time the week of Oct. 29 because of wind warnings and a power outage.  Trees were uprooted on the neighboring grounds of the Carnegie West Library, but no damage was done to the St. Pat’s Club Building, 3606 Bridge Ave., which contains the theater’s performance space.  When we reunited for rehearsal Sunday afternoon, Nov. 4, Director Bob Navis Jr. hauled out his legendary pottery piece and lit a candle in it at the center of our cast circle.  Carved in it are the words, “See the gift in your problem” — always wonderfully suited for our “marathon” tech Sunday, but now used a week earlier than usual to help us gather focus and energy as we lengthen rehearsals to make up for lost time.

And a great week we’re having. We’ll have a show for you. Everyone, ages 7 on up, is rallying to get this musical on its feet.  Lights are being tested (there are over 700 cues so far), final paint and other touches are being added to the set, costume fittings are being wrapped up.  Tickets are selling, too. Get yours by clicking here or calling our office ticket line, 216-961-6391, 11 a.m .to 4 p.m. weekdays. — Hans Holznagel

Downed tree west of Carnegie West Library

Several trees trees uprooted Oct. 30 at Carnegie West Library still lay undisturbed on Nov. 6. Photos by Hans Holznagel

Downed tree north of Carnegie West Library

Birds take flight Nov. 6 over one of the trees downed in the Oct. 30 storm across Bridge Avenue from Near West Theatre’s performance space.


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