‘Beginnings’: art, theater, spirit, Nov. 30

The Rev. Christine Thompson loves the interplay various kinds of art: how different art forms and artists affect each other. Theater and visual arts, for example. On view right now at her storefront at 1910 West 65th Street in Cleveland are paintings and photos on the theme of “Beginnings,” by neighborhood artists Michael Andrews-Hinders and Julie Van Wagenen. The theme occurred to Christine this fall during rehearsals at Near West Theatre, where she appears in the current production of Children of Eden. To mix it all together, Christine’s  is hosting a special opportunity on Friday, Nov. 30,  to encounter all three: Michael’s paintings, Julie’s photos and the Near West Theatre production. For $20, starting at 5 p.m., you can see the exhibit, meet the artists, enjoy snacks and drinks — and then go catch the 7:30 p.m. Children of Eden performance, ticket included. Proceeds benefit the ongoing storefront project, Just as I Am: Faith, Art and Service — a nontraditional presence in the community sponsored by the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, the denomination in which Christine is an ordained minister.  I hope you’ll check it out. She and I talked about it all on camera Nov. 6. We anticipated the Nov. 27 groundbreaking for Near West Theatre’s future home and the Nov. 30 art-theater event, and generally reflected on art, theater, spirit and community. Here are two pictures, courtesy of exhibit manager Molly Andrews-Hinders, followed by the video. Want more information about the exhibit?  Contact Christine at (330) 929-9022 or cthompson@neos-elca.org.  — Hans Holznagel

Paintings by Michael Andrews-Hinders

Michael Andrews-Hinders, actor and visual artist, has these and other paintings in the “Beginnings” exhibit.

Julie Van Wagenen photos

Photographer Julie Van Wagenen’s work reflects on “beginnings” around the world.


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