‘Brel’ auditions: character info

If you’re considering auditioning for Jacques Brel — and we hope you are — here’s more on what Artistic Director Bob Navis Jr. has in mind for the show. Hope to see you Feb. 26, 27 or 28! [UPDATE: An added open audition will be at 10:30 a.m. Saturday, March 2. Auditions are also still available by appointment by calling Director Bob Navis Jr., 216-281-6879.] Everyone is encouraged to audition. No experience or preparation necessary! More details here. — Hans Holznagel

Character Information

“This show is a theatrical event which takes Brel’s song/stories and brings them to vivid life on the stage. We will explore new ways to interpret them….instrumentally, vocally, harmonically and theatrically. Near West’s production will feel like RENT meets Cabaret meets Moulin Rouge. It will be abstract, grungy, sexy, visually complex, stunning and haunting.

brelseasonimage13“We are looking to build a highly diverse ensemble of around 40 cast members — diverse in age, race/ethnicity, emotional range, physicality and more.

“There are more-than-usual opportunities for solo songs, solo lines, featured specialties like unicycle riding, juggling, mime, clowning, fire-eating (well maybe not fire-eating) but…surprise us with your ‘thing.’  Who knows — it might end up in the show.

“We want musician-actor-singers, too! Bring your instrument to auditions and play something for us.  Accordionists to the front of the line, along with street drummers, violinists and cellists.  Actors who sing and speak French will be pampered.

“This is a true ensemble piece especially for actors looking to do a non-conventional piece of theatre…one which deconstructs theatrical formality and spills sweat and emotion into the space, inviting the audience to ride a weeping, drunken, wild and laughing beast from beginning to end.

“Daring or ‘wannabee daring’ actor/singer/dancers ONLY need apply … he-he! (We’ll help you connect to your ‘inner daring,’ of course!)” — Bob Navis Jr.


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