Weekend ticket info by phone

You can now phone in over the weekend to see if tickets are available for Near West Theatre shows — or to tell us you won’t be using tickets you bought. Here’s how it works, in a new procedure we first tried in the spring of 2013:

Lots of people want tickets, as these did for Children of Eden (2012). Call if you're not coming! Photo by Terry Schordock

Lots of people want tickets, as these did for Children of Eden (2012). Call if you’re not coming! Photo by Terry Schordock

Ticket sales by telephone close for the weekend at 4 p.m. each Friday. After that you can still make advance purchases online. Or you can buy in person at the performance site starting 1 hour before show time. What’s new is that we’ll keep our box office phone line open over the weekend for two reasons:

  1. in case you want to ask about ticket availability; or,
  2. so you can tell us you won’t be using tickets you purchased in advance, allowing us to free up your seats and accommodate other patrons. We can’t offer refunds, but your courtesy in calling us is much appreciated. It authorizes us to resell your seats, and it means people who might otherwise be shut out can see a show on a sold-out night.

Just call our regular ticket line, 216-961-6391, and you’ll reach a mobile phone answered by cheerful, efficient Near West staffer Kelcie Dugger (or you’ll reach voice mail if she’s swamped or it’s the middle of the night). Please note: she can’t make reservations for you if it’s not 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. on a weekday. But she can help you with items (1) and (2) above. See you at the show!


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