‘Move On! Chronicles’ No. 2: Auditions are 1 week away!

This is the second edition of the “Move On! Chronicles” – messages of invitation and inspiration sent to you from me, Bob Navis Jr.

Moving through the past eight weeks and allowing ideas and memories to flow from the past decades at St. Pat’s, I have been on a wild emotional ride of feeling blessed, overwhelmed, misty, thankful, awed and continually surprised at the staggering wealth of people, goodness, outrageous fun, art and music and – well, so, so much. A lifetime of art and heart!

Capturing all that in a show that does justice to all those years, all that sweat, all that creativity, all those friendships … well, it cannot be done!  Yet, it has to be done. And we’re going to need the actors who lived it to bring it with all the force and truth we can gather onto the stage for this one final farewell to the third floor. And I’m encouraging you to be a part of it and hope you can.

Auditions, for NWT veterans only (meaning you have to have appeared in the cast of one of our productions), are next week. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday – April 14, 15 and 16. Kids at 6 p.m.; teens and adults at 7:30 p.m., at the theater, 3606 Bridge Ave.! Detailed audition can be found below or at this location at the NWT website.

"Rent School Edition" 2010Let’s circle up and tell the stories of NWT … our stories … your story.

By the way: if you are among those who want to be considered in the casting of Move On!  but cannot come to any of the auditions, call me at 216-281-6879 or e-mail me at rnavisjr@aol.com. We will put you on a list that already includes Eric Fancher, CoCo Smith, Kristy Cruz and others, and we’ll definitely consider you in the casting process.

Many of you have asked what the show will be like. In the next edition of the Chronicles, I’ll throw my writer’s caution to the wind and share the script in progress!


Near West Theatre is grateful for ongoing programmatic support from the Ohio Arts CouncilCuyahoga Arts and Culture, and Greater Cleveland Community Shares.


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